SANdRA, die deutsche Pop-Ikone >>> THE PLATINUM COLLECTION are released on 3o.1o.2oo9...

Hier findet ihr eine Auflistung aller offiziell veröffentlichten Songs von SANdRA in alphabetischer Reihenfolge...

(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena Extended Version 07:13
(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena Single Version 03:58
(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena Special Longplay Version 05:55
(Life May Be) A Big Insanity Club Mix 06:12
(Life May Be) A Big Insanity Dance Mix 06:39
(Life May Be) A Big Insanity Dub Mix 02:33
(Life May Be) A Big Insanity Radio Edit 04:29
All You Zombies 04:43
Andy Mein Freund 03:53
Around My Drums Instrumental 03:13
Around My Heart Album Version 03:18
Around My Heart Extended Version 06:02
Around My Heart Single Version 03:11
Around My Heart ['99 Remix] 03:42
Around My Heart [Remix 2oo6] 03:23
Casino Royale 03:49
Celebrate Your Life 03:28
Celebrate Your Life ['99 Remix] 03:38
Change Your Mind 04:04
Children Of England 03:58
Crazy Juliet 04:11
Dear God … If You Exist 04:26
Don't Be Aggressive Album Version 04:45
Don't Be Aggressive Radio Edit 04:22
Don't Be Aggressive The Midnight Hour Mix 06:23
Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World) 04:49
Everlasting Dub PWL Instrumental 06:57
Everlasting Love Extended Version 07:27
Everlasting Love PWL Extended Remix 07:40
Everlasting Love PWL Single Version 03:57
Everlasting Love Single Version 03:49
Everlasting Love [Remix 2oo6] Ballad Version 03:46
Fading Shades Part 1 01:02
Fading Shades Part 2 01:06
First Lullaby 04:20
Footprints 03:43
Forever Beatnik Club Mix 08:57
Forever Radio Edit 03:45
Forever Straight 4 U Radio Edit 03:31
Forever Straight 4 U Remix 05:43
Forgive Me Chill Out Radio Edit 04:18
Forgive Me Radio Edit 03:58
Forgive Me 04:22
Free Love 04:13
Heartbeat (That's Emotion) 04:53
Heatwave Instrumental 03:48
Heaven Can Wait Dub Mix 04:01
Heaven Can Wait Extended Version 07:38
Heaven Can Wait Single Version 04:05
Heaven Can Wait US-Remix 07:11
Heaven Can Wait ['99 Remix] 04:10
Heaven Can Wait [Remix 2oo6] 03:24
Heaven's Theme Instrumental 03:52
Hi! Hi! Hi! Album Version 04:08
Hi! Hi! Hi! Extended Version 06:12
Hi! Hi! Hi! Short Version 03:31
Hi! Hi! Hi! [Remix 2oo6] 04:17
Hiroshima Album Version 06:50
Hiroshima Dub Mix 03:08
Hiroshima Extended Club Mix 06:44
Hiroshima Extended Version 06:44
Hiroshima Single Version 04:11
Hiroshima ['99 Remix] 04:25
Hiroshima [Remix 2oo6] 04:17
I Close My Eyes 04:05
I Need Love Album Version 03:24
I Need Love Radio Edit 03:18
I Need Love Trance-Techno Mix 05:58
I Need Love ['95 Remix] 03:28
Ich Bin Noch Ein Kind 03:55
In The Heat Of The Night Album Version 05:07
In The Heat Of The Night Extended Version 07:32
In The Heat Of The Night Single Version 03:48
In The Heat Of The Night Special Longplay Version 05:20
In The Heat Of The Night ['99 Remix] 04:28
In The Heat Of The Night [Remix 2oo6] 03:37
In The Heat Of The Night [Remix 2oo7] Future Vision Remix – Extended 06:00
In The Heat Of The Night [Remix 2oo7] Future Vision Remix - Radio Edit 03:16
In The Heat Of The Night [Remix 2oo7] Superfunk Remix – Extended 06:02
In The Heat Of The Night [Remix 2oo7] Superfunk Remix - Radio Edit 03:47
Innocent Love Album Version 04:21
Innocent Love Extended Version 06:47
Innocent Love Single Version 03:50
Innocent Love Special Longplay Version 05:23
Innocent Love [Remix 2oo6] 03:46
Innocent Theme Instrumental 03:26
Into Nobody's Land Instrumental 04:12
Invisible Shelter 05:20
It Means Forever Instrumental 03:43
Japan Ist Weit 03:53
Johnny Wanna Live Album Version 04:26
Johnny Wanna Live ['92 Remix] Extended Version 05:18
Johnny Wanna Live ['92 Remix] Radio Edit 03:52
Just Like Diamonds 05:40
La Vista De Luna 03:44
Les Qu'est-Ce Que C'est Frz. Version "What's Left To Say" 04:13
Little Girl Extended Version 05:09
Little Girl Single Version 03:11
Logical Love 03:33
Loreen 04:17
Love Is The Price [with DJ Bobo] 03:20
Love Turns To Pain 04:59
Lovelight In Your Eyes 05:27
Maria Magdalena ['93 Remix] Clubmix 06:01
Maria Magdalena ['93 Remix] Radio Edit 03:58
Maria Magdalena ['93 Remix] Vega Sicilia Mix 05:36
Maria Magdalena ['99 Remix] 03:59
Maria Magdalena [Remix 2oo6] 03:57
Maria Magdalena [Remix 2oo7] Junior Caldera Remix - Radio Edit 03:02
Midnight Man Extended Version 05:26
Midnight Man Single Version 03:03
Mirror Of Love 04:13
Mirrored In Your Eyes 03:26
Mirrored In Your Eyes ['99 Remix] 03:36
Motivation 04:00
Nights In White Satin Club Mix 06:05
Nights In White Satin Dub Version 04:02
Nights In White Satin Jungle Mix 06:09
Nights In White Satin Radio Edit 03:35
Nights In White Satin Techno Mix 05:29
No Taboo 03:50
On The Tray (Seven Years) 03:45
Once Upon A Time 04:50
One More Night Album Version 04:06
One More Night Extended Version 05:08
One More Night Single Version 03:41
One More Night [Remix 2oo6] 04:08
Paintings In Yellow 05:50
Party Games Instrumental 03:25
Perfect Touch 03:43
Put Your Arms Around Me 05:05
Seal It Forever 04:51
Secret Land Album Version 04:45
Secret Land Dub Mix 03:33
Secret Land Reverse Mix 06:44
Secret Land Single Version 04:05
Secret Land ['99 Remix] La Danza Club Mix 06:12
Secret Land ['99 Remix] Radio Edit 03:20
Secret Land ['99 Remix] Ultra Violet Club Mix 05:34
Secret Land ['99 Remix] Ultra Violet Radio Edit 03:41
Secret Land [Remix 2oo6] 04:06
Secrets Of Love [with DJ Bobo] Club Mix 06:42
Secrets Of Love [with DJ Bobo] Club Mix Radio Edit 03:59
Secrets Of Love [with DJ Bobo] Instrumental 03:19
Secrets Of Love [with DJ Bobo] Radio Version 03:17
Sekunden 03:29
Shadow Of Power 03:34
Shadows 03:50
Silence Beside Me 03:35
Silencio A Mi Lado Spn. Version "Silence Beside Me" 03:38
Silent Running 04:15
Sisters And Brothers 03:23
Sleep Alternative Version "Casino Royale" 03:21
Son Of A Time Machine 05:01
Steady Me 03:57
Stop For A Minute Extended Version 06:19
Stop For A Minute Single Version 04:05
Stop For A Minute [Remix 2oo6] 03:45
Such A Shame Cool Club Mix 05:22
Such A Shame Karaoke Version 04:18
Such A Shame Radio Edit 04:18
Such A Shame Straight Dance Mix 07:54
Tell Me More 03:15
Tell Me More ['99 Remix] 03:38
The Art Of Love 04:11
The Journey Album Version 07:27
The Journey Edit 02:42
The Second Day Intro 00:37
The Skin I'm In Single Version 03:40
The Way I Am Extended Club Edit 06:59
The Way I Am Lounge Edit 05:06
The Way I Am Radio Edit 03:30
The Wheel Of Time 04:09
Two Lovers Tonight 03:45
Way To India ['99 Remix] 04:51
We'll Be Together Album Version 04:10
We'll Be Together ['89 Remix] Dub Version 03:43
We'll Be Together ['89 Remix] Extended Version 06:45
We'll Be Together ['89 Remix] Single Version 03:49
We'll Be Together [Remix 2oo6] 03:48
What D'Ya Think Of Me 04:32
What Is It About Me Album Version 03:52
What Is It About Me Lounge Edit 05:09
What Is It About Me Radio Edit 03:09
What's Left To Say 04:35
When The Rain Doesn't Come 04:43
Will You Whisper 04:13
Won't Run Away Extended Guitar Mix 06:26
Won't Run Away Happy Dancer Mix 04:57
Won't Run Away Radio Edit 04:12
Won't Run Away The Sunshine Mix 07:24
Won't Run Away ['99 Remix] Remix '99 04:08
Yes We Can [with A.U.N.] Extended Version 05:25
Yes We Can [with A.U.N.] Instrumental 03:57
Yes We Can [with A.U.N.] Nature Sound 03:50
Yes We Can [with A.U.N.] Single Version 03:57
You And I 06:44
You Are So Beautiful 04:38
You'll Be Mine 04:33
Your Way To India 06:01

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